Blog Rehab

so.. as part of my rehab back into the blogging world Christie suggested I post some pictures of my aforementioned visits from awesome friends/family....

Mom was in town for some meetings at Belmont and it was great to have her come see the new place. Mom hates when girls take pictures where they act like they are in love with each other and press their faces together... so of course we took one just like the way she hates.

That same weekend was our big Celebration of Sight Gala for work... we're talking black tie formal affair with the big dogs. It was fun, but boy are we glad it is over!

My co-worker Sumer and I.

My supervisor Mary, and my co-workers Beth & Sumer.

Sadly our next planned visits from brother James and the rest of the McLeod clan got put on hold. Grandmama, Mary's mom, got really sick and has been in the hospital down in Auburn for the past 2 weeks. She had emergency surgery for a perforated colon and has been fighting the infections that occurred. She is now in stable condition, but please keep her in your prayers as she still has a lot to overcome.

Alright, I think thats all the blogging I can handle at the moment. Baby steps. Baby Steps... PEACE!


  1. The party looks like it was fun, and you look very pretty!!

    I can't wait to see your hair when it's all chopped off. Very exciting.

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