Spice up your Sole

Chances are, if you are cool enough to read blogs you are also cool enough to have already heard about Toms. And if you haven't... I'm that's what I am here for. From their website:And I have GREAT news!...I have found a coupon code online! During check out type in the code KATIEM and you'll get 5 dollars off a pair of Toms and 2 dollars off shipping! See,...now you definitely need a pair. Also, several local boutiques and stores (even Macy's) carry selections of these shoes! I'm currently deciding between the pink and green ones I've pasted in the top picture... oh! and Hanson (you know I love them) also endorses them and has done a lot of work to promote Toms. I know they are perhaps "different" looking...but I for one think they are amazing and a fun way to spice up your soles.


  1. p.s. I also just realized that you can type in the code HANSON and get 7 dollars off then too!

  2. This is a sign. I was just thinking about getting a pair last night and decided that I didn't need to spend the money...but maybe I do.

  3. B-lair! if you want something to waste a lot of time doing, check out Bryan Johnson's blog: http://www.abryanphoto.com/blog/

    He is a photographer here in Bham who is amazing and gaining a lot of notariety... he's good buds w/ the Hansons and went to do a shoe drop w/ them a few months back. He shot Zack (?) Hanson's wedding and shoots alot of their concerts. He's awesome (he & his wife are Samford grads- she used to work for UCF).

    Hope ya'll are doing well!


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