I got Tagged.

My awesome cool creative fun friend from Texas Emily Rozel tagged me on this (the chain mailing of the blog world.. whoppee!) SO- here goes:

10 years ago: 10 years ago I was the lovely age of 13 and in 8th grade. I was "running" middle school track and playing club soccer. I think I had stopped wearing my Hanson t-shirts at this point, but still loved them and was starting to like N*Sync. Natalie Soud was my best friend (and of course so was sissy) and life was pretty good. Oh, and as all the girls did, I had a crush on Mr. Roper the substitute teacher.

Things on my To-Do list today:
send a ty not to my grandparents
help david finish setting up his studio
get ready to take the recycling tomorrow
call my 8th grade Bible study girls
finish filing our taxes
RELAX after work

What Would I do if I became a billionaire: buy a house, quit my job, start having kids, travel all the time, start my own foundation, open a coffee house/book store/music venue/art gallery all in one, own a working farm, give money to find a cure for Alzheimer's, sponsor thousands of Compassion International children (stole that directly from Emily..great idea!), buy my Dad a boat,...

Three of my many bad habits: Eating candy -all the time any time, saying one thing but secretly meaning another, asking David to do things for me that I can very easily do for myself...

5 Things People don't know about me:
-I am AMAZING at magic eye pictures -- I can turn the pages in a magic eye book and see the graphics instantly
-I hate short days when it gets dark early. I love the light & would love to live in Seattle where it can stay daylight till 10pm!
-I would love to work with Missions to the World (MTW).
-My one true talent is the harmonica (although I have never played I just have a feeling...)
-When I was born my head was so big they considered giving me a cat scan (you can STOP laughing now)

This little tag game involves me "tagging" 5 other people, I am going to tag:
Christie, Natalie, Sarah, Alicia, and.. well I don't have that many friends who are cool enough to have blogs...peeps who are reading this take this as your hint to start one!.. I'll even design it for you!