Daily Gripe

I think I have developed social anxiety when it comes to elevators and if not that, than I have just lost all patience and human kindness for "strangers" when riding up to work. For one thing, if I need to get out of the elevator... let me out before you get on. Saying "excuse me" as you push by me as I'm trying to get off still does not make your gesture polite. Another thing, don't yell out your floor number to me if you happen to get on after me. I'm not the floor lift. If you would allow me 2 seconds I will politely and happily ask you which floor you need. Thirdly, I hate how everyone stares at the lighted floors as they increase/decrease and never talk. Usually I'm not one for small talk, but I much prefer it to idle awkward silence. How about "wow, its pretty warm/cold today," or "I can't believe its only Tuesday." And on that note, how about spreading some office cheer simply by saying "Goodmorning," as you enter and "have a nice day," as you exit. All these things would just make my day a little more pleasent. Heck, I'm not opposed to making new friends in the elevator, but maybe this is just me (afterall, my mom did teach me to talk to strangers). I also dislike how people will pull out a folder from their bag or fake "text" on their phone to appear too busy to talk or notice you. Newsflash, you aren't fooling anyone.

Long story short. I'm taking the stairs now. I should have been all along. Feel free to check up on elevator rules/etiquette HERE. And I will add that next time I do take a ride up or down...I will be consulting THIS...Funny things to say/do in an elevator. (favorites: 1. When there's only one other person in the elevator, tap them on the shoulder and then pretend it wasn't you, or 5. Hold the doors open and say you're waiting for a friend. After a while close the door and say "oh hey Greg, how's your day been.")