Ornaments and Bone Marrow

Well... first of all we have some awesome friends and family (this is nothing new)...When I made the post about our Christmas tree, Max, and his lack of ornaments..I honestly was not making a sneaky plea for anyone to send any. However, I must just say that Mr. Andrew Logan, the lovely Rozell's (thanks Rev!), and dear Mary McLeod (my MIL) have all made Max (and of course us)extremely happy...just check these out!: On another note, we were in Birmingham briefly last week. Our great friend Zack Lindsay was sent home early from Uganda because of a spreading ebola virus (scary!). It was so wonderful to see him. While we were there though, I found out that I am a potential bone marrow donor!! Crazy. Right now they are still figuring out if I am THE best match...I might have to go in for some extra testing like a physical and blood testing, but I may end up not being the match. I'm pretty excited about it. I mean what a great experience, to be able to be used in that capacity to give life and not only that but also just praying through the whole process. I will keep you posted...in the mean time if you want to check out the National Marrow Donor Program just click HERE.

We just arrived at my parents for Christmas and are so excited. We love you all.


  1. YEAH!!! The Rozell Animal Circus made it to Tennessee!! I am glad ya'll got them. Its wierd seeing the ornaments I just bought end up on your blog jsut a few days later! COOL!!
    miss ya'll
    waht did you get David for Christmas?

  2. Yay! I'm anxious to hear how the marrow thing goes! (I'm still waiting to be a match!)

    And I love my header. Thank you thank you. I'm trying not to be online a lot in Hawaii, but I checked it out and love it! That's one of my favorite pictures.

    Merry Christmas David and Blair!


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