Our first Christmas together! We are just loving this season. We found what we consider an awesome tree (which we refer to as Max... that is his middle name.. his first name is Chris... Chris Max... get it? Chrismax/Christmas...)and we have opted for white lights (2 packs for 3$), gold beads (3$ for the whole deal) and then we have perhaps 6 ornaments which we have accumulated. Overall... we love Max. Oddly enough however we have no "Our first Christmas" ornaments... I would have thought we would received a good many of them (although I suppose there is still time so I will continue to excitedly anticipate at least one!)Isn't he lovely?!

On another note.. it is time for a "JS" update... my boss from my Americorps postion called me today to let me know that Prevent Blindness had called to check my references, so that is a positive sign. AND I also have another interview set up for Friday @ 3:15 at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens and Museum of Art as Volunteer Coordinator.
So I am just so excited about both of these new reminders that He is working on things for me and already has a perfect plan!

As ALWAYS (shall we not forget) God is so faithful.


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