Ohh Nashville..

Everyone thinks when they come to Nashville that it must be the third best city (to NYC and L.A.) to run into a famous person. But living here for a year I find it very similar to living in the Smokey Mountains for 10 years. I have never seen a bear, yet every tourist who comes for a weekend stay has tales and brag stories of the whole black bear family they witnessed swimming in the creek. Shouldn't the local resident be the privileged one here? I have had the same luck here in Nashville. Now, David of course has been here a bit longer with school. He has seen Tim McGraw..or was it Garth Brooks (maybe it was both). Now, I have had run-ins with people who think they are famous... For instance, I have seen M.J. Garrett from the Realworld on MTV. He went to Vandy..go figure. I got a little closer to fame last Valentines Day when David and I met the one and only Little Richard. No joke, we met him at the grocery store and he gave us each a copy of a book about how to find God. (if you are like the rest of the world and didn't know about his time spent in the ministry.. click HERE). So, I admit that was pretty cool. He was decked out in a white sequence suit with his hair blown out and makeup just right. So since then I have just been clucking around awaiting my next chance meeting. And in this meantime my friends have run into Will Ferrell, Reese Witherspoon, Hannah Montana (could someone please explain to me why the high school girls at church are in love with her!), and other such people. Well, wouldn't you know it...fame stared me right in the face and I didn't even know it! Perhaps you have heard of a small band called New Kids on the Block! And if you have, perhaps you have heard of a wee little man by the name of Joey Mcintyre. Well according to the manager of Lucky Kid (the store I work at a couple hours a week), I helped him pick out clothes. I however am not quite convinced it was him...

[..time lapse..]

alright, so it wasn't him. Unless he has some secret reason as to why he was buying clothes for a two year old...but, I guess you never know. BUT, (and Katbird and L.Carmody this if for you). I DID hang out with MAT KEARNEY for a couple minutes backstage last night at one of our friends Preston's band's concert. I have a bit more to brag about this meeting, but in fear of being "uncool," we'll have to talk about it personally. You know how it goes with famous people... And I can't forget to mention that I know WILD SWEET ORANGE. If you don't know of them yet.. I promise you that you will!


  1. wow, I am so jealous! Mat Kearny is super cool! Thats awesome! Ya'll are so cool! Why are ya'll so cool?!I got an email from Leigh! Same ol' Leigh! Man I miss you girls! I wish we could come visit. Maybe one day:)

  2. How fun! At least you are starting to reap the benefits of living in Nashville!

    Oh, and I hope you've noticed all the blogging I've been doing, it's a new goal of mine to keep it relatively current.


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