McLeod Update

Hello. Hello.

Welcome to our new blog! For our first real post, I thought a bit of an update would be nice:

Well, David & I are doing wonderful. Nashville has finally (thanks to a week of rain) cooled down. Its almost actually chilly at night, but we love it! We wake up all warm and cozy under extra blankets.

Earlier this month we spent a week doing tome traveling to Presbyterian College and then spent some time in good ol' Walland for my Dad's 50th birthday! It was great to have some time off from work and relax with family and friends. David also spent a couple nights in Birmingham. Our good friend, (and one of our groomsmen) Zack, left for Africa on Saturday, so David went to visit him.

David is painting everyday and has started building a site on coroflot (see link under our emails on the right). Also, very exciting... David has a painting that will be on display starting in November at The Frist art museum here in Nashville! The portrait he did of Sarah for his Senior show (which is 9 feet tall!) will be on display with other future artists! We'll fill you in more as the time gets closer.

Right now, I am finishing up my Americorps term. My last official day is November 16th! That is really soon. What am I doing next? Well that is still to be determined. Please be praying that I will find a job that I can enjoy, but also one that will provide a salary and insurance. I'm really up for anything, so if you have any interesting job leads in the Nashville area please send them my way. I also recently joined the ADPi Nashville Alumni Association. So far that has been fun and am meeting new young women in Nashville.

David and I are both spending time with the Youth at our church here. David is actually employed part time with the high school ministry & I'm just hanging out and doing an 8th grade girls Bible Study. It has been a lot of fun.

Nothing much else too new going on over here. We're still pulling for Auburn (Please, no one bring up our last loss to David).

Fall Festival:

David out painting Nashville (before it rained for a week):

Peace & Love!


  1. saw this dave-o...and i thought of you. clay


  2. Yay for a new blog to read!
    Hopefully this will actually encourage me to blog more, especially since you're the only one who reminds me to do it in the first place!

    I'm so glad fall has come to you...I'm loving this crisp weather in OKC!

    Oh, and David congrats on the display!



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