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Becoming Pridmore

Helen's wedding weekend was way wonderful!! Enjoy the album links below!!

Today's the Day!

Wild Sweet Orange: We Have Cause to Be Uneasy
If you haven't heard David and I beam about this band, they are awesome. We are great friends with Preston Lovinggood (the lead dude) and are so super pumped for the guys! Buy it today!!...we just did & it is under 10 bucks!!

Blair in the News

Nothing exciting- but it is something to take up blog space... (until I get pictures & whatnot from the Wrenn/Pridemore Wedding..)

Click HERE (I can't figure out how to get the video directly on my blog) and then on the left side of the page you will see a link under "video gallery." Click there... and the video will play on the right of the screen.

This is from a health fair I went to a couple Saturday's back for work...

Richland Fine Art

Check out the GALLERY that David will be selling his work!

You will notice that the first two artists listed on the home page are Everett Raymond Kinstler and Michael Shane Neal...

Kinstler studied under John Singer Sargent (David's favorite artist) and has painted Presidents Bush Sr., Reagan, Carter, Nixon, Ford, Clinton as well as Carol Burnett, Tony Bennett, Katherine Hepburn, John Wayne - and TONS of other notables. He is in a word- brilliant.

Neal studied under Kinstler and is the artist with the most portraits in the Capitol Building. He is one of the countries most sought after portrait artists and recently painted Sandra Day O'Connor and former Majority Leader and U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd (just to name a couple...). He has won countless prestigious awards for his work and you can't pick up a current painting magazine or book without seeing this man's face or work!

Now, here's the kicker-guess who is next in this liniage?

McLeod studied uner Neal...
and you'll find all 3 of these fine at Richland Fine Art!

The Amazing Artist who is my Husband!

David approached a really awesome art gallery in Hillsboro Village today and they loved him! Praise God with us for this great encouragement! David will be meeting with them tomorrow to talk logistics... I'll keep you filled in!

Naughty Nashville.

Polluted! Polluted! Polluted! NOT OKAY!

These are pictures from Centennial Park at the pond accross from the Parthenon. We didn't walk around the whole pond, but saw FOUR DEAD DUCKS in the muck of the small area we did walk. I was disgusted. When a city can't even take the inititive to clean up a Nashville Landmark, one you would think they would at least keep clean for tourists to try to hide the fact that we have a pollution problem, then you only wonder the problems that are building up in other pockets of the city. Dead ducks floating in waste are NOT OKAY!

How's your city?

For my Preggers Friends (and let me go ahead and say before speculations are made... I am not included in said group)

For: Tammy, Emily, Maria, KBryant's and LHicklin's Sis-in-laws
So I just found out that David's cousin Tammy (McLeod) Harper is pregnant (her sweet baby to the left..)! I am so excited for her and Jamie (her hubby!). This will be their first and will be the second great-grandchild of the McLeod patriarch.....anywhooo-- Tammy wrote this awesome Story to let everyone in on their great news & I loved it & wanted it to be shared...


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