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small announcement

sweaters c/o OASAP

Public Service Announcement:  I'm growing out the pixie.

I've enjoyed it.  I'm so glad I did it.  I'll do it again.  But long hair is calling my name again.  Bare with me as I go through all the awkward stages of shaggy short hair.

on an unrelated note:  i'm headed to D.C. for a girls weekend with 3 of my best friends from college! wahoooooo!  Have a great weekend everyone!

downtown denim on denim

skirt: stitchfix  //  denim jacket: way old - SJP Bitten // sunglasses & chambray:
necklace c/o nspottery //  bag c/o conversation pieces // watch: fossil

Outfit inspired by this pin and this challenge by Jen of Arizona Russums.  It's called the Closet Challenge (read more about it here).  I've been doing lots of cleaning and have a HUGE bag for consignment and good will.  A lot of the stuff I love, but I never wear it, so its time to let someone else love it.   

One thing I realized I wasn't wearing much was my old trusty "jj."  Since denim is a safe "in" thing I figured there must be several ways I could wear this thing instead of leaving it in the back of my closet. I pulled out my handy dandy pinterest (too bad that doesn't rhyme) and got inspired!

Thrown on top of some current faves (chambray, maxi from stitch fix, and my NS Pottery necklace), I was ready for an impromptu Saturday family outing to downtown Franklin in my forgotten JJ.  It was the perfect day for a stroll and window shopping.  We sipped (way to sweet) starbucks lattes and let M wander around the toy store and pick a stocking stuffer.  My heart could live for days off of afternoons like this.

{Notice the ever-so-handsome David sporting a Live fashionABLE scarf -- yes, boys rock 'em too.  great gift ideas for everyone on your list. and if you wait till cyber monday you can get free shipping!!}

I mentioned my necklace from NS Pottery -- man i love this Girl (natalie), her blog, and her shop!!  I met het at Influence and my goodness does she have a sweet heart and some talented & creative hands.  She throws pottery -- beautiful mugs, baking wear, and more, plus she also makes really awesome ceramic jewelry too!

Please check her out.  You will love her - promise!  Annnnd... she is having a black friday sale (see code below).  Get stocked up on goodies for you and your mom and your best friend and your babysitter and your... you get the idea!

P.S. if you post a "thankful" post today/tomorrow/this week -- i'll be hosting a link up starting tomorrow so come add it to the list!

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Why try to hide it?

skinnies c/o denimocracy  //  loafers c/o  //  watch: fossil
chambray: old navy // poncho c/o  //   necklace c/o karen london jewelry

It doesn't matter how much you love your new poncho sweater matched with your favorite necklace or how comfortable the chambray and black skinnies you wear every day are or how awesomely your leopard loafers go with everything... if your in a cranky mood (brought on by a dooms day dentist appointment added to some girly issues or whatever it may be on any given day), and you're trying to take outfit pictures... this is all you're going to end up with.  A cropped head and a downward glance with an awkward stance.

But why try to hide it?  This is real life peoples.

I love dabbling in style/fashion on this blog and exploring new brands and trends.  And I love sharing with you what I find and my experiences and reviews.  But, there is an ugly side to it.  The side that plays into my insecurities and vanity.  I mean duh -- taking pictures every week of yourself and looking through them and picking out the best one... it's not really for the faint of heart.  If you think I exude confidence then score one for me!  You have fallen for my trickery.

I don't want the tone of this post to sound negative or ungrateful.  I don't want to make some big drama and incur your sympathies.  I do, however, want to be honest and  to remind myself  --  I am not defined by the clothes that I wear or the gray in my hair or the blemish on my nose.  I do not have to size myself up to the "blogger next door" with a quadrillion followers and comments everyday.

I am me.  A fearfully and wonderfully made me.  Zero percent mistake.

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number 5

dress: tulle via stitch fix // boots c/o
sunnies c/o //  satchel c/o conversation pieces
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I just got my 5th Stitch Fix box and it was my favorite so far.  If you notice, I say that every time.  That's because they use my feedback from each fix to fine tune my style preferences for my next order. They've got some smart and attentive peeps working over there.  Kudos stitch fix friends.  Kudos.

One of my favorite things to come from my stitch fix experience is my introduction to Tulle.  Every time I get something from Tulle in my box, I immediately love it and have always kept it.  This dress -- it of course, is Tulle!  And it might be one of my new favorites.  It's one of those great transitional pieces that could be worn in any season.  Snappy casual.  Love it -- I'm keeping it!

Here's what else was in my box.  Help me decide if I should keep any of these tops.  I'm on the fence with a couple...

BB Dakota Bellevue V-stripe Rugby Sweater -- I like this.  You can't tell in the pictures, but it has some metallic gold thread stitching.  Kinda cool.  I like the casualness of this sweater.  Not very warm.  Maybe too boxy.  I don't think I'll keep it because I have something similar and don't love the fit.  

Peppermint Eiffel Ruffle Tie Neck Blouse -- I realllllllly want to like this top.  I don't have anything like it.  The print is unique.  I don't have any gray blouses.  It fits well.  But something about it feels like pjs.  What do you think?

Sugar Lips lina crepe contrast collar blouse -- on the fence with this shirt.  I think it is beautiful.  it is sheer and so is dressier than my normal everyday wear.  Love the collar.  Which I had actually asked for a peter pan collar.  Help me decide should I keep it?  I might send it back and ask for a size smaller in my next fix so it fits better on the shoulders.

Tulle Rodin 3/4 sheer sleeve dress -- Duh.  Keepin' it!

And... if you haven't yet, you should try out Stitch Fix for yourself.  You do need to have an invite because they are still in Beta.  And I have one for you -- CLICK HERE {it will take you to a sign up page (no obligation) and then you'll be sent your official invite and style survey}.

Why you realllly want in: Something awesome (I mean really awesome) is they have an amazing referal program.  For each person you refer - you get a $25 credit.  That can add up quick which means free clothes people!!  So hop on the train, get your first box, and then share share share your own personal referral link.

Give me your two cents -- should I keep the blouses?

style me

oversized nordic sweater c/o OASAP //  jeggings c/o denimocracy  //  scarf: fashionABLE
boots: johnston murphy (score cagillion points for my mom for finding them on sale for $10!)

So... I first saw this oversized moose nordic sweater on pinterest.  i wanted it.  like had-to-have-it-even-though-winter-was-months-away had to have it.  OASAP sent it on over & I was pumped.  Especially since I just finished watching the whole series of Felicity on netflix and all that girl did was wear giant sweaters! -i digress- anywhoo... back to the sweater at hand! It's cute & it's cozy.... one problem -- I have no idea how to style it.  {Honest truth: I have attempted outfit pics in this sweater three separate times.  And as you can see I don't have much to show for it.  I mean mayyyybe it is because anyone would feel silly wearing a giant sweater in September, But...}

I need your input.  What would you wear an oversized sweater with.  How is one "supposed" to style it? As the winds get crisper will you be rocking the giant sweater?

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The Bottoms

One of the best parks in the state of Tennessee is just a 3 minute bike ride from our house.  All of a sudden your in another world, but yet still right smack in the middle of Nashville!  Shelby Bottoms Park -- hundreds and hundreds of acres of beautiful greenway and nature exploration.  Perfect Sunday afternoon family outing.  My heart overflows!


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