WIW: Cinco de Mayo

blouse: urban outfitters // pants: macys // fedora: dillards // sandals: c/o fabulous on a dime

{Cinco de Mayo -- porque es un dia en la calendaria? solomente un dia por la gente beber. la verdad? hablas spanglish? comprende?}

For real though - I don't understand Cinco de Mayo.  Don't get me wrong - I like dressing festively and sipping a festive marg with the rest of them.... but, for real porque!

And while I'm using my spanglish on you I'm gonna jib jab a bit about how much I would LOVE to be fluent in Spanish.  I would say I have a high-intermediate level of conversational Spanish, but in all honesty I should already be fluent.  I've had way to many years of instruction to not be.  But alas, I didn't decide to apply myself in this area until it was too late.  However, I must say, after working along side native speakers for 3 years -- there is a WHOLE lot a book cannot teach you.  So many times I asked my Spanish speaking friends at work to explain to me "the rule" to conjugate and they just laughed.  And just like piano theory, I don't really care about rules on paper -- I like to hear and do, not see and and do brain teasers.  That's just how my brain works.  (My sister and my husband on the other hand...)

When we went to Honduras two years ago my biggest prayer from my supporters was for my Spanish. And man did God answer.  I communicated in ways I had no power to on my own.  It might sound weird, but a big reason I want to be fluent is because I think God will surely use it.  I don't know how -- but there is an opportunity out there just waiting for me.  I can feel it.

I'm praying for a door to open for a local conversation partner.  There is a program that will match you with a native Spanish speaker.  You spend two hours together a week -- one in Spanish and one in English so you both learn.  Every time I try to sign up it is full.  In the mean time I'll just keep saying random things to be people in Spanish and talking and singing in Spanish to Magnolia as much as possible.  I tell a mean Spanish 3 Little Bears...

pleated poppy


  1. This is such a cute outfit! I would also love to be fluent in Spanish but I haven't had a class in years now. I think it would be cool to spend some time in Spain or South American just learning more as you go.

  2. GORGEOUS!! Love this outfit! That'd be so cool to be fluent in Spanish!!! I know basic things but would love to learn more.

  3. Learning Spanish is so important! I wish I knew it because I bet a lot more doors would open up for me if I did.

    Love you in hats!

  4. I love the blue in the pants and how it matches the blouse.

  5. this outfit is cute I love the top.

  6. Love this whole outfit. The pants are perfect!

  7. love the jeans! Great outfit all together

    xo Jessica

  8. I've never heard of a program like that. Sounds like it would be really good to get into. Hope when you sign up, they'll have a spot open for you!

  9. Well, hang in there! I hold a degree in Spanish but after 11 years of not using it in any profession or daily life, I lost it.
    I gasped out loud when I read that you'd gone to Honduras. My hubby and I are going there and to EL Salvador this summer for our first missions/teaching trip. We'll split our time between the two, teaching on Historical books of the Bible. I'm nervous and excited all in one.
    In order to help us with our Spanish, we're taking a refresher course at our church on Monday nights.
    I cant wait to read more of your blog. Seems we have alot in common:)
    Found you through Lindsey's linkup today!

  10. You went to Honduras?! I'm half Honduran! I would love to know more about your trip!

    I'm not actually fluent in Spanish, just pretty conversational, but if you would like more practice I would be more than happy to offer whatever help I can, via email and/or Skype or whatever else you'd like! Spanish was my first language, but after I stopped speaking it at home, I took it at school, too, so I'm fairly well-versed in the grammar. I would definitely appreciate the practice!

    I love your outfit. Super cute!

  11. Omg! Love your top.

    How crazy is it that I lived in Italy for 7 and1/2 years and speak not a word of Italian? I wish I had learned and applied myself.

  12. You look so cute, and what a FUN top! :) Being matched with a native speaker sounds like such a great program! One of the things on my bucket list is to learn French fluently! I took it throughout high school and try to speak it whenever I'm in France, plus, my mother knows it fluently and taught in Paris long before I was around, I need to get cracking! LOL! Yay for 3 Little Bears in Spanish! <3

  13. Oh my gosh I love that outfit!! So pretty! I often wish I had double majored in Spanish. I know a decent amount but would love to learn it fluently.


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