WIW: Have you Met KK?

 // jean jacket - way old SJP Bitten

I first posted about my new online shop love, Karen Kane, HERE as I sported a new spring to summer cardigan.  I continue to get so much use out of it as I pair it with different pants/shorts/skirts as the weather keeps fluctuating.  I way love it and I am also way loving my first ever sequin top (I can't believe I've never owned one -- it is too fun!) and this blue cargo skirt -- both courtesy of Karen Kane.  There are so many things you could do with these pieces.  I dressed them down here to wear to a high school play (go Grease lightning!), but I could have easily ditched the belt & jacket and put on some stilettos and and up-do for a hot date with the hubster man.    That's one of the main things I love about KK -- the versatility of their line.  From the office to dinner to a night out, they've got you covered.  (& p.s. they have plus sized women's clothing too!)  

pleated poppy 

On a completely different note:

Can someone please fill me in on all this picnik buzz? It is/was a photo editor and now there is something new? I totally missed the band wagon and so am now just confused.  What is the new picnik and do I need it?  I have been using iphoto and gimp (sorta-of-kinda-not-really like photoshop but free). Fill me in peeps...


  1. love your blue skirt. picnik has closed now.

  2. the "new" picnik is picmonkey.com. I think picmonkey is even better! I love it!

    super cute outfit!

  3. I've never heard of picnik, will see what picmonkey is all about.

  4. I love the sequin top! Looks great I will have to check out the shop

  5. yo, drgnfly531..what up? ;) first love the sequined top and two, picmonkey is def the new picnik. sadly, picnik closed down in april but i dont think picmonkey will disappoint you. i think i love it more than picnik!

    much love, limesparkles637

  6. It's now called picmoney.com and it is amazing. You should totes try!

  7. yep, picnik is gone but I honestly don't like picmonkey because it doesn't have all the features like the old had. I'm using iPiccy which is JUST LIKE picnik.

  8. LOVE the pockets on that skirt. So cute!!! Picnik design tools were bought out by Google (and I was completely devastated) BUT the lovely Picnik people made a new photo editor called Picmonnkey, which I love even more. : )

  9. Just saw you at www.thepleatedpoppy.com and COMPLETELY LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the sequin top with the denim jacket then the pop of color with the skirt .... Great combo!!! pippa


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